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Information of Optical Components

When it comes to physics, optics is a very important branch that involves the properties and the behavior of light. This includes its interaction with matter as well as the instruments that uses or detects light. Optics and optical compounds are used in a number of trades and fields of work. This includes industrial, biomedical, military, astronomy, photography, optometry, ophthalmology and a number of engineering fields. Being such an expansive industry, there are also a number of applications that optics are found in. This consists of mirrors, telescopes, lasers, microscopes, lenses and fiber optics.

Where Can I Find Optical Components?

The good thing about this field of work is that there are many companies that offer optical components. One of the very best is known as Shanghai Optics, and it's revolutionizing the game thanks to its wide array of products. The company has been in business for over 55 years, and it has a rather large client-base. All of its optical components can be used in the fields above. Shanghai Optics is a leader of the pack, and it provides:

  • Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • High Quality Products
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Free Design Consultation
  • And many more

What Are The Different Types of Optical Components?

Since this field of work is very expansive, its optical components are very diverse. There are six research designers that makes up the expert engineering team. The components list consists of IR Components, Micro Optics, Spherical Lenses, Cylindrical Lenses, Colored Glass Filters, Polarizers, Beamsplitters and many more. The toughest of jobs consists of the toughest of products and Shanghai Optics is the epitome of this notion. For those who want to take their career, or take their hobby to the next level, optical components from Shanghai Optics are the weapons of choice.